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“Each time we boot up our laptops, step off an elevator, book an airplane ticket, get cash from an ATM, or even pop a steak into a microwave, there’s an unseen thread that leads directly back
to the Barta Building’s inner sanctum of discovery and innovation.”

The Untold Story of Everything Digital
They are by and large anonymous, although their feats of engineering are an essential part of our daily lives. Not much happens today without the aid of digital electronics, and certainly little in the future will take place without it; yet the young engineers who made going digital possible for the rest of us are faceless, when they should be recognized and honored.

When I met these now octogenarians and nonagenarians,* they were all too humble to seek gratitude in recognition or a bit of the spotlight if angled in their direction, which it never was. They’d rather retell old-boy yarns among themselves about their glory days than be crowned for their momentous achievements.

Even the old laundry building where they made their digital magic happen wasn’t recognized with a plaque at the door until 2012. SEE ALSO: Barta Building: Top 10 Firsts

I was fascinated by their intellectual brilliance, engineering prowess and charming humility when speaking about why they did what they did and how they did it.

I asked to speak for them. They were delighted; so I wrote Bright Boys.

The 70th anniversary of the world going digital was 2019 (1949-2019). It was a good time to stop for a moment to take note of and focus more closely on a story that’s basically remained untold for a very long time. I pared back the story by twenty years in order to isolate the digital goings-on in the Barta Building, and slightly thereafter, as the action moved from Cambridge to Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, MA, twelve miles away.

I added lots of new material as well as looked a bit more closely at the original story. The Untold Story of Everything Digital was the result.

                                                      —Tom Green 

*The last of the Whirlwind builders, Bob Everett, passed away in 2018.

About: Tom Green

Tom Green, journalist, writer, video & TV producer, has been reporting and producing content on technology for over two decades.

Green is the founder (2017), publisher and editor in chief of Asian Robotics Review.

Previously, 2012-2016, he launched and was founding editor in chief of Robotics Business Review. Green was also on-air host and lead researcher (2013-2016) for Robotics Business Review’s webcast programs, as well as lead editor and contributing author for Robotics Business Review’s annual series of robotics research reports.

In August of 2021, Green launched the company’s new monthly podcast, This Is Robotics: Radio News. The program is now the #1 global robotics news podcast.

Green has spoken at national and international robotics events and conferences; has been the subject of interviews on robotics with Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Swissquote, and CNN Money, among others; and serves as a consultant and adviser on robotics from startups to multi-national corporations. 

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Formerly, as a TV writer/producer at Boston’s ABC affiliate WCVB-TV, Channel 5, he wrote and produced the news program Lifelines; and was lead writer on weekly sitcom Park Street Under. His work has been twice nominated for Emmy Awards.

His stage plays were produced at Boston’s Next Move Theater and then reproduced as radio plays for National Public Radio. Green’s In the Room the Women Come and Go won a UNICO national short story award.

Green owned and operated his own video production company for ten years, producing video for corporations, broadcast, and cable TV.

He is the author of the Amazon best seller Bright Boys: The Making of Information Technology: 1938-1958 (Taylor & Francis 2010).

Green’s newest book, The Untold Story of Everything Digital  (Taylor & Francis (London)) went on sale October 2019.

His mystery/detective novel, The Flowered Box (Beaufort Books & PaperJacks 1990), a novel of suspense set in Boston; in 2022, a reissue of The Flowered Box, will be reset in Bangkok (Thailand).

Green’s science fiction novel “S” is scheduled for release in 2023.

For twenty years, Green and his Thai wife have spent much of their time in Asia, where they have friends, family and a home.

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