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Relive What It Was Like to Invent the Future

A breathtakingly incredible romp of derring-do filled with mystery, suspense, high-stakes drama, international intrigue, and breakthrough digital engineering…at a time when digital engineering was only the stuff of sci-fi movies.

Now it’s in every pocket and purse.

But how did we get to now? It all began in an old laundry building at 211 Massachusetts Ave.

Join us for a special 12-episode podcast series, and relive what it was like to invent the future.

Truly, it was the beginning that changed everything.


The Untold Story of Everything Digital

“The Beginning That Changed Everything”
How our digital age came to be.

The podcast version of The Untold Story of Everything Digital is an 12-episode podcast series based on the new book release of the same title: The Untold Story of Everything Digital (2019).

Both the book and podcast recount the origins of the world going digital for the very first time. How it began and why, where, and who were the digital pioneers who made it happen?

From walk-in to pocket size all in a lifetime. Remembrances of life prior to our digital dawning are getting dimmer. 

Content in context
Historical events great and small, both social and political, plus glimpses of everyday life are woven into the fabric of the narrative and will make appearances throughout the podcast series.

From walk-in to pocket size all in a lifetime.

The storytelling is nuanced by the marvelous saga of the life and times of the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s.

Creative energy, bottled up during five years of world war, finally uncorked, releasing a creative outpouring that was rich and varied, especially in the arts and technology.

Context transforms the book from a great read into a fascinatingly memorable journey through a world just prior to and just after digital transformation began.

The Untold Story of Everything Digital: The Podcast will follow the same scheme of content in context as the book. 

In fact, radio (audio) is a superb medium for enhancing and nuancing the story all the more.

What had previously been talked about and theorized was suddenly, for the very first time, realized…and proven…and tried again…and proven again. This changed everything. It left them looking at one another in wonder…and with a smile.

…and thinking, what next?


An episodic series
The podcast series will consist of twelve  (12) scripted, 30-minute episodes. Each script will contain both new material—script, audio news clips, music, etc.—plus excerpts from the book.

The flow, tempo and imagery of the prose lend themselves well to presentation as a podcast. By design, The Untold Story of Everything Digital has a purposeful script-like feel to the storytelling that lends itself well to audio presentation.

The timetable
Scriptwriting begins in September 2023, followed by production in February 2024 for airing of Episode #1 in October of 2024. Series to consist of 12 episodes.

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“I came to appreciate this book’s excellence in portraying the technologies and human pioneers who gave us the Information Age, Personal Computers and the Internet.  It tells their personal stories in a context that allows a general audience to appreciate the sources of innovation that led to so much we enjoy in the Modern Age.”
I.L. San Francisco